Projets FEDER

Le Réseau LIEU participe activement à la programmation FEDER 2014-2020 à travers différents projets détaillés ci-dessous. Tous ces projets rassemblent différents partenaires et contribuent activement au développement économique de la Région wallonne.

Optimized microalgae culture for bioactive molecules production

The FEDER portfolio «Algae Factory» aims at pooling expertise and technology platforms in the field of mass culture of microalgae and their valuation for the production of molecules of high added value, according to optimized semi-industrial processes.

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Eco-friendly hydraulic binders for soil treatment,  waterproofing and road constructions

The portfolio of ECOLISER projects aims to develop eco-friendly hydraulic binders using secondary materials and/or industrial by-products (slag, bottom ash, glass cullet, fly ash, dredging sludges, etc.) that are currently not used by offering upgrading opportunities in the materials industry.

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Innovative Walloon Coatings

The ERDF “Multi-Functional Films” (FMF) portfolio of projects pools expertise and cutting-edge scientific equipment in the field of coatings to improve conventional materials and to boost the development of business sectors with high growth potential in the Walloon Region.

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Compared to conventional technologies (machining, casting, forging, injection, etc.), additive manufacturing (AM) makes it possible to produce parts with an optimized design, weight savings and manufacturing time, which is particularly important when developing new solutions and new competitive products. The benefits can also be environmental in terms of reduced energy consumption over the entire life cycle and raw materials.

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Inorganic MAterials  for WAllonia

The IMAWA (Inorganic MAterials for WAllonia) project portfolio aims to support industrial activity in Wallonia in the refractories, technical ceramics and advanced materials sector.

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Process Intensification

The Intense4Chem project portfolio proposes to develop small-scale facilities, possibly in the form of mobile platforms, to provide high value-added products in an economically viable and environmentally responsible manner.

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Embedded Microsystems

The main objective of Micro+ is to set up, develop and coordinate a complete platform of skills, equipment and know-how in electronics and miniaturized sensors, integrating all links in the value chain of embedded microsystems, covering all scales and levels of R&D in response to the development needs targeted by a large number of Walloon companies.

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Valorisation of biomass into polymer and composite materials

The ERDF «Low Carbon Footprint Materials» (LCFM) portfolio is an initiative to identify industrial needs and set up a network of interactions in the field of low carbon footprint materials, launched in April 2013 and thus falling within the priority themes of Walloon and European policies.

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